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What is Thermal Imaging?

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Hopefully these questions will explain how Thermal Imaging will help you improve energy efficiency, diminishing those skyrocketing energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and all while you’re save money and the environment...

What exactly is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is heat radiation that is not visible to the human eye, this is due to wavelength, the human eye can not see infrared frequencies but a thermal imaging camera can. All matter give off infrared energy and the higher the temperature of the object the more infrared energy it will release. Thermal Imaging is a non-contact and non-destructive type of inspection. This process is used to detect anomalies which will allow corrective action to be taken before major breakdown, system failure or fire occurs.

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Can Thermal Imaging be used in the Home?

Yes. Thermal Imaging is a Diagnostic Tool that will highlight potential faults within your property or a prospective property you are considering; widespread faults that EMTI Ltd can quickly identify using our hightech equipment include: damp, electrical faults, heat loss, leaks in flat roofs, water leaks and general building faults. After our thorough survey you will receive a comprehensive report where you will be able to see the findings as images, inclusive of recommended actions required.

What level are our Engineers trained to?

Our technician's are trained to meet the standards as required by ISO 18436, this training qualification is run by the Flir group, the global leader in infrared camera technology, we also choose to use their superior cameras.

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Is there a difference between employing a company like East Midlands Thermal Imaging Ltd who use the top of the range Flir camera to a company using a cheaper camera?

Yes. Our camera has a much greater level of accuracy, which will produce a much more comprehensive final result, the customer will have a more informed document on which to qualify maintenance procedures.

When you visit our site will we have to power down all our equipment or bring production to a halt?

No not at all. This is one of the many advantages of this type of preventive maintenance technique. Thermal Imaging is a non contact type of inspection and is better carried out whilst your systems are working to full capacity.

How long will my report take to arrive after your visit and will it explain all the faults and recommended actions to take?

We make every effort to get your complete report to you within 48 hours of the survey. All faults will be clearly shown in the report and EMTI Ltd will revisit if required, making certain that the repair work undertaken has been completed to a high enough standard.