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Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Thermal Imaging is growing into one of the most effective ways to check for damp in flat roofs. Many roofs that appear to be fine may well be damp even a few years after installation. A common phrase within the building industry is that a flat roof will last for around ten years but a new flat roof badly installed may start leaking straight away, hence after only a few short years the roof could be suffering from rot.

If a Preventive Maintenance Schedule is devised, the life span of the roof could increase by around 250%.

This schedule can be developed to suit your own personal needs by our engineer. Regular inspections will ensure that your flat roofs will stay dry, and that when a potential leak is identified the relevant repairs are done. Our engineer will then revisit you to ensure the work has been carried out to the correct standards and that the roof will remain dry.

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