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About EMTI

High Voltage

EMTI Ltd is a Nottingham based company specialising in Thermography by means of Infrared [IR] Cameras, with a commitment to supply an excellent value of service at a price point to suit your budget.

We are able to create a regular programme of non-intrusive inspections to incorporate Thermal Imaging alongside your own preventive maintenance programme; alternatively we can visit your premises for a comprehensive consultation.

EMTI Ltd. will send a fully trained thermographer, who meets all ITC standards; our technician will provide you with all the help and advice you require, always assuring you of a very professional and dependable service.

Our on-site visit will cause minimal disruption to your plant as we take Infrared Images of your building and equipment. Our technician will then take away this data for analysis, compiling a detailed report for your records, showing images and highlighting any potential faults, please see sample reports. A return visit can then be arranged, where our technician will retest for any faults, making certain that the repair work undertaken has been completed to a high enough standard.

building surveys

The services of EMTI can also be used by home-owners or property buyers, providing them with an independent survey of their properties or prospective new homes.

At EMTI, we offer an extensive inspection, inclusive of a thorough report, very cost effectively identifying faults, preventing potentially very costly and detrimental accidents, in areas such as flat roofs, electrical faults, heat loss, damp and water leaks.

If you would like more information on how EMTI will save you money & help the environment please contact us.